Gucci A Gloaming Night Eau de Parfum 100ml photo
  • Gucci A Gloaming Night Eau de Parfum 100ml photo

Gucci A Gloaming Night Eau de Parfum 100ml


The story of the famous The Alchemist Garden fragrance collection by Italian house Gucci began back in 2019. The niche line reflects the passion and incredible inspiration of the perfume art, the boundless talent of contemporary artisans and their ability to create truly unforgettable masterpieces.

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The original design of the bottles, stylised as vintage apothecary vessels, also deserves special attention. In 2021, the collection continues with another heady novelty - a sensual woody-spicy Gucci A Gloaming Night nectar. A hot and temperamental unisex fragrance that showcases the beauty and mesmerizing charm of those rare moments between the twilight seconds and the full onset of sunset darkness. These are the seconds when nature glows in incredibly warm pastel colours that will never be repeated until the following day. The same exclusivity of sound has the amazing smell of Gucci A Gloaming Night, created by the legendary maestro of the perfumery art, the incomparable and talented Alberto Morillas. His name already signifies the spectacular success of the olfactory composition, and the author himself describes his flamboyant composition as a noble and daring "neo-chyre". The structure of the fragrance formula is delightfully deep and concise, as it consists of just three central notes. Only one chord is responsible for each pyramidal range. For example, a sultry spicy cinnamon flute serves as an introduction, smoky vetiver rules in the middle of the picture, and a balsamic patchouli trail completes this aromatic extravaganza.

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