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Gritti is an Italian brand known for its luxurious scents and sophisticated perfume compositions. The history of the brand is rich in centuries of tradition and art of perfumery.

The brand was founded in the mid-16th century in Venice, which at that time was a center of trade and cultural exchanges. It was here, among beautiful canals and luxurious palaces, that Gritti was born. The Gritti family was known for its involvement in the political and cultural life of Venice, as well as its contribution to the global Italian perfume industry.

Gritti quickly became famous for its unique approach to creating fragrances, using only the rarest and most exquisite ingredients. This allowed the brand to create sophisticated and exclusive perfume compositions that attracted the attention of nobility and art connoisseurs.

Today, Gritti epitomizes Italian elegance and luxury, offering collections inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Venice. Each Gritti fragrance is a guide to the history, architecture and art of this magnificent city.

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