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Rasasi is a relatively young Arabic niche perfume brand, founded in 1979 in Dubai. Currently, the brand has a modern production of perfumes for the mass consumer and in the luxury category. In total, there are about 200 fragrances in the Rasasi collection. The brand's products are divided into two types: traditional oriental oil-based (alcohol-free) fragrances and alcohol-based perfumes, aimed at a wide range of customers (this group also includes deodorants, sets and miniatures). Oil perfumes have a persistent, unique scent and immerse you in a world of calm and harmony. The basis for their creation is natural high-quality oils and aromatic extracts. Rasasi perfumes are bottled in richly decorated bottles made in the national traditions of Eastern culture. Perfumery from Rasasi is suitable for women and men who love Arabic notes in fragrances and prefer delicate romantic images.

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