List of products by brand L'ARTISAN PARFUMEUR

The French company L'Artisan Parfumeur was founded in 1976 in Paris by Jean Laporte, a talented perfumer who devoted his life to creating unusual compositions. The fragrances of the brand belong to the selective and are designed for special connoisseurs. The company's name translates as 'Master Parfumerist' and fully captures the essence of Jean's work. Perfumers approach the creation of perfumes like musicians and artists to the creation of music and paintings. There are no trivial ingredients and no limits to their imagination. For all its fame, no Artisan Perfumer fragrance is designed for the mass consumer. The brand's products are of high quality and originality. They are made exclusively from natural components, are absolutely safe and do not cause allergic reactions. The perfume collection of L'Artisan has over 50 original fragrances. Today the brand's fragrances are sold in over 30 countries around the world.

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