List of products by brand HISTOIRES DE PARFUMS

Histoires de Parfums is an olfactory library, a collection of sensual and sophisticated fragrances that tells about famous personalities, about ingredients for creating luxurious fragrances, about music, about significant events and cult things of the past. The founder of the brand, Gerald Ghislain, enjoys all the joys of life, coloring the daily routine of life with bright pleasures. Having undergone serious training at the ISIPCA school, in 2000 Gerald created the Histoires de Parfums brand, a collection of rare and exquisite fragrances. His creations, like himself, are endowed with temperament and are very, very romantic. The fragrances are designed in the best traditions of the French perfume industry, the hallmarks of which are luxury, nobility and creativity. In the selection of raw materials and in the selection of bottles and packaging, the Histoires de Parfums brand maintains the highest quality standards. Embodying the idea of ​​his perfume library, Gerald Ghilan creates poetic stories through fragrances, just as writers write books to express their ideas and emotions in them.

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