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The Frederic Malle brand was founded in 2000. Despite its youth, it is already a standard of perfumery art, combining the inspiration, harmony and professionalism of the authors. Frederic Malle decided to found a rare niche brand that would embody the fantasies and ideas of not one designer, but several virtuosos of their craft. The rapid rise to the top of the perfume Olympus is the result of productive work and the right business policy. The brand's collection contains fragrances from different parts of the world that embody the innermost thoughts and fantasies of their creators. It's so easy to create the best scent when you have everything you need at hand, when there are no restrictions on the number of ingredients and financial means. Just such ideal conditions Fredrik provided the masters who are engaged in the creation of perfume creations. The contemporary Frederic Mahle perfume collection contains more than 25 fragrances for men and women.

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