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Boucheron is a world famous French jewelry brand, whose history began in 1858, when Frederic Boucheron opened his first jewelry workshop, which soon became the most popular in France. Often, mysterious motives of the East can be traced in his creations, and the Campana and Marie Antoinette styles have become the brand's trademark. In addition to traditional jewelry, shoulder brooches, precious pins and long earrings were also produced. Currently, the grandchildren of Frédéric Boucheron, inspired by their great heritage, have taken the brand to a qualitatively new level, positioning it as a sign of a high position in society and impeccable taste. Now Boucheron creates not only jewelry, but also excellent watches, accessories and great perfumes. Boucheron perfumes are as luxurious as the sparkle of precious stones. Boucheron offers women a new language of seduction, a new art that leads to modern sensuality.

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