List of products by brand ARTEOLFATTO

ArteOlfatto is an Italian perfume brand, the leading activity of which is the production of high-quality luxury fragrances. Currently, the “Luxury Perfumes” association acts as the copyright holder of this perfume brand. Over the entire period of its existence, the Arte Olfatto brand has presented 12 fragrances to the discerning public, quite diverse in classification and extraordinary in the announced chords of notes of perfume compositions. Its history begins quite recently in 2013 and is the embodiment of the olfactory and artistic ideas of the Luxury Parfumes company. Under the guidance of the talented master Michele Iannone, the talented perfumers Mariagrazia Iannone and Monica Martinez create a line of unique fragrances. Most of the fragrances released by the brand became bestsellers for their time, which were appreciated by numerous grateful customers. The commercial success was actually predetermined in advance, because talented and creative perfumers collaborated with the Arte Olfatto design house, information about which, unfortunately, was not disclosed under the terms of the contract.

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