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Salvador Dali could make a legend out of everything he touched. His creations included extravagant false fingernails adorned with small mirrors and spring-loaded shoes. And could such a man, with such a subtle inner world bypass the world of fragrances? Certainly not. In addition to the great paintings Dali left us after his death, he was the inspiration for a perfume line made up of subtle and sensual fragrances encased in elegant bottles. The first Salvador Dali women's perfume brand was created in honour of the artist's favourite woman, his muse, Elena Dyakova. All the subsequent perfumes were made without the genius, but the perfumers were invariably inspired by his paintings. Salvador Dali men's perfume consists of bright and unusual notes, the dynamic sound of which will be appreciated by creative and charismatic individuals. The combination of the sensual, temperamental sound of the compositions and the original bottles are a delight to behold.

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